My love for horses led me to create the most talented and most trainable horses so others could enjoy them too. The mares are so very important to good offspring so we selected the very best . We selected stallions that produced the elasticity and brilliance that is so hard to find yet we kept as a priority to attain horses that were willing and kind . My mission was to develop these lovely warmblood horses into experienced , talented and competitive partners for people who would care for them and continue their development over their careers. The horses have been raised in a natural environment with freedom to run and grow . They've been started in their training in a kind and classical way and are working consistently every day. I hope you find your dream horse , they've been waiting for you.

We continue to foal out new additions to our family so please keep rechecking here .

Interested in foals? Let us know if you would like a foal, we have four coming soon.

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Carolyn Marsh
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